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1. Are your cabinets all wood or some kind of particle board



Our cabinets are ALL WOOD. We do not use particle board.


2. How long does shipping generally take?


Generally you will receive your shipment anywhere from 7-10 days

after placing your order with us. More often than not you will have

your shipment in a weeks time.


3. Are these high quality cabinets? How can they be priced so low?


Yes, these are high quality cabinets. Through a joint partnership

with, overseas manufacturing, and warehouses across the

country with stock we can pass these saving onto you directly.

While we do offer entry, mid, and high level cabinet lines each of

them is solid wood with high quality joinery, hinges, soft-

closing(luxury series),etc.


4. I am interested in purchasing a very large quantity for a project,

 Do you offer discounts?


Yes, of course. If you are planning on ordering a large quantity for


 a current project such as an apartment complex, large corporate


 building, etc we can offer even lower prices to you.


5. What if an item I ordered is out of stock? What happens?

Should an item be out of stock it may take an additional week or


longer for the piece to arrive or we will discuss other design




6. Are the kitchen cabinets that are shown on this website the only options that you have?


No we can source a special style if necessary. Please ask  


7. How to place an order online?

  When you have placed the items you want to purchase into your  

cart, you can select the checkout link on the top of the page. You can


confirm your items and enter your billing, shipping and credit card


information and submit your order.   


8. What is the difference between full overlay and partial overlay cabinets?


A full overlay is where the door and drawer are mounted to cover


the face of the frame and the partial overlay is usually a 1/2" or 1"


of the face frame exposed.


9. If I buy a glass door, is glass included in there?

No, in order to keep the shipping cost low, we do not ship glass


with glass door. We also recommended you get the glass locally in


order to prevent the glass from being damaged during shipping.


10. How do you ship the unassembled kitchen cabinets?


All of our RTA kitchen cabinets are first carefully inspected to


ensure that the kitchen cabinets are to standard. We pack them in


individual cardboard boxes, then they are placed on a pallet. we


shrink-wrap the entire pallet prior to shipping out.